Begin your best work with us

We believe (and the research supports it) that working, creating, and collaborating in community will lead you to greater productivity, creativity, and a larger business and personal network built from true relationships.  As a Hub Collaborator you will be part of a community that works with and for you to help you make your best work. 


Become a Hub Collaborator

Community Chair


  • 24/7 access to communal work space and lounge

  • WIFI

  • Coffee from SEEDS Coffee Company

  • Conference rooms - 2 hours free per month

  • Phone booths

  • Printing

  • Parking

  • Greenspace

  • Lounge

Designated Desk


This membership package includes everything you receive with our Community Chair membership plus the following:

  • Permanent personal desk

  • Lockable file cabinet

  • Conference rooms - 4 hours free per month



Group Coworking

Prices vary

This membership is perfect for your business! It includes all of the benefits of our Community Chair membership for groups of 3-5 people per business. Each member receives a 20% discount on their monthly membership plus the following:

  • Conference rooms - 8 hours free per month


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